About Robert

Robert Shackelford was born in Montana where his family lived deep in the mountains of the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness Area.  He moved frequently to diverse environments from remote ranger stations to cities such as Atlanta and Washington DC.  He has lived in many different towns across nine states but now calls San Juan Island, WA home.  


Robert compiled a committee of professors from many different disciplines within engineering and physics to earn a PhD focusing on Chaos Theory. During his research, he often found the aesthetic of Chaos and natural structures the most compelling part of his investigations.  He is a math and physics teacher, and he combines his love of math with the beauty of nature in much of his photography, image design, and sometimes writing complex programs to create pieces of art on his CNC machine using the processing programming language.  


Robert has worked as an engineer for the Department of Defense, as a contractor/consultant at NASA Ames Research Center, and several consulting companies.  He has also earned a master’s in Systems Counseling and has worked as a therapist. 

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